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Sumo DK 10cm cuffs cover

Product code: Sumo DK

list: Cuffs cover - profile cover types

Price: Contact us

Specification: size F4 (28.5x35cm).

Made in Viet Nam

Storage: Temperature: 10 ~ 55º C

Humidity: 55 ~ 95% RH

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The 10 cm Sumo DK cover is manufactured in Vietnam. Is a file File is used by many offices to use.

10 cm Sumo DK cover, with the size of F4 (28.5x35cm), the thickness of 10cm.

Design the size of the cover and large iron cuffs, store the largest number of documents, papers and documents of all types of cuffs.

The cover name of sumo cuffs is also called in that sense

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