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BUI GIA PHAT TRADING AND SERVICE CO., LTD would like to thank our customers for your interest in our products.

BUI GIA PHAT TRADING AND SERVICE CO., LTD specializes in wholesale and retail distribution of offices for businesses and business enterprises in Binh Duong and nationwide.

In order to bring optimal convenience and maximize your valuable time, we create the most professional and modern online wholesale and retail business system today.

Come with us to get:

- Competitive price

- Quality of products guaranteed from famous brands

- Various items

- Good after sales service and attentive and attentive customer service attitude


  • 514/10 Chau Thoi Quarter, Binh An Commune, Di An District, Binh Duong Province
  • 0909 590 203 (Ms Thùy)
  • jerry.bui1206@gmail.com
  • www.vppbuigiaphat.com